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As an innovative solution to the problem of chronic homelessness, supportive housing is the regular subject of news stories in New York and across the country. The following articles, videos and blog posts represent just a sample of the recent and/or seminal press related to supportive housing.

  • Some progress in Albany, but not much (commentary)

    From SiLive: STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- It's officially summer and the legislative session in Albany has officially ended. Link here

  • State releases small portion of $2B promised for housing

    From Real Estate Weekly: State officials approved $150 million in funding for affordable and supportive housing, a fraction of the $2 billion in the state budget that Gov. Cuomo promised for such projects. Link here.

  • Not worth the wait: A pathetic end to Albany’s legislative session

    From Daily News: Prudence demanded patience in evaluating the blowout of behind-the-scenes deal-making that closed the annual session of the New York Legislature. Link here.

  • Advocates, Providers Keep Pressure on Cuomo Over Housing Funds

    From Gotham Gazette: While the 2016 legislative session may be finished, the battle over how the state will allocate $1.9 billion in funds earmarked for supportive and affordable housing is not. Link here.

  • The Old Albany Hustle

    From The New York Times: After a lackluster legislative season, Gov. Andrew Cuomo declared on Sunday that he and state lawmakers had managed to finish “probably the most successful session in modern history.” That is not only wrong, but ridiculous. Link here.

  • Not Supportive of the Final Housing Plan

     From Time Warner Cable News: Housing advocates are disappointed with a memorandum of understanding that commits 570 million dollars to build what's known as supportive housing. Link here.

  • NY legislative session draws to a close

    From North Country Public Radio: The New York legislature closed down late Thursday night with an end-of-session-deal that would strip convicted lawmakers of their pensions, extend mayoral control of New York City schools for one more year, and legalize daily fantasy sports gambling. Link here.

  • Legislature Reaches Deal to Extend Mayoral Control of New York’s School for a Year

    From The New York Times: ALBANY-State lawmakers on Friday reached a long-awaited deal to conclude the 2016 legislative session that included a modest ethics package, state funding for supportive housing for the homeless, and a one-year extension -- with major caveats-- of Mayor Bill de Blasio's control of New York City schools. Link here.

  • Supportive Housing Advocates Not Pleased With Deal

    From the Morning Memo: Advocates for supportive housing were not pleased with an agreement that would free up as much as $150 million, saying the money is a relative pittance to what is needed. Some reports put the money at even less, $100 million. Link here.

  • Cuomo puts Affordable Housing Development in Jeopardy

    In New York Slant: In an otherwise sleepy end-of-session up in Albany, one of the supposed hallmarks of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s finalized budget this spring – $1.9 billion for affordable housing and supportive housing for the homeless – is being held hostage, potentially jeopardizing an entire year’s worth of affordable housing development throughout the state. Link here.

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