Living Green: Education and Training

Living Green focuses on people and organizations. A building may be newly weatherized or have the latest green measures installed, but if an owner isn’t watching, if staff isn’t properly trained and tenants aren’t aware of how their actions affect energy use, a building’s maximum efficiency will not be realized.

Improving performance in an existing building or maintaining the benefits of green measures across an entire housing portfolio depends on the people who use, own and care for the buildings. The most effective way to achieve and reinforce sustainable habits is by having the support and acknowledgement of these goals throughout an organization, so that everyone understands that they are part of a broad and comprehensive effort.

Tenant Education

By understanding tenant attitudes and behaviors related to energy conservation and sustainable practices, appropriate and building-specific programs can be conducted through clubs and workshops, tenant meetings and resident groups.

Staff Training

Regular and systematic training and evaluations should be part of operations and maintenance protocols. Everyone who lives and works in the building contributes to preserving efficiency.