Get Involved

The Network advocates for public policy positions that advance the growth and effectiveness of supportive housing. We also lead and participate in timely campaigns to promote supportive housing as the most humane and cost-effective solution to ending chronic homelessness. Below, you'll find opportunities to get involved and help advocate for supportive housing and homeless individuals in New York.

Support funding for the Housing Trust Fund

The U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development's (HUD) Housing Trust Fund has remained unfunded from when it was signed into law in 2008,  until 2016. A small amount of funding will come to New York State Homes and Community Renewal shortly.  We consistently are looking for ways to expand the programs.  Please take a moment and join the Network and sign on to the National Low Income Housing Coalition’s innovative proposal to fund the National Housing Trust Fund with savings from mortgage interest tax reform. The proposal would cap the amount of mortgage interest that generates income tax savings at $500,000. More than 2,000 organizations have already signed on to this proposal.

Your endorsement would mean a great deal as we continue to build support for this effort. For more information on the Housing Trust Fund.

Schedule a residence tour!

The Network regularly schedules supportive housing residence tours with city, state and federally elected officials throughout the year. If you would like to schedule a tour with your representative, contact the Network’s Maclain Berhaupt. Tours are the single most effective way to illustrate the benefits of supportive housing to our government leaders. Email us to help schedule one in your district today!


The Network and its 200-plus nonprofit members rely in part on donations to successfully provide and advocate for supportive housing. To help us achieve our core goals, please consider donating to the Network or one of our members.